Hand Covers Bruise Reprise

(The title to my initial post about Tattoogate was a theme with a reprise. Last time I do that. It’s just setting up for a follow-up post. And I didn’t want to have to write this.)
I woke up this morning in a good mood.
30 minutes later, with my mom trying to tell my dad not to tell me, he did anyways. And other than commenting that I’m not going to be able to handle this season, I was okay.
Until I returned to my room and saw the information for myself.
Both Twitter and Facebook feeds were blowing up.
Coach Tressel had resigned.
The sobbing intermixed with creative strings of curse words (mainly directed at TP and Ray Small for some reason) started.
For a minute, I couldn’t function. I could just hear all the comments, in my uncle’s (who despises everything Ohio State) voice.
I KNEW this day was coming. Whether it was due to this, or just because he was ready to be done with the unbelievable pressure one is under when they are the head coach of Ohio State football. We got a preview of it Christmas Day. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt any less.
Jim Tressel is the only coach I really know. Cooper’s days are hazy memories of a Rose Bowl and Michigan losses.
A comment from someone I follow on Twitter from NASCAR drove me over the edge. Commenting on Tressel’s record, he added 100% cheater. For a second I wanted to reply back “and how’s being a failed driver working out for you?” It actually got nastier, but more specifics gives away who it is. And I don’t want to be mean to him. I LIKE him.
How am I going to react to people I don’t like making comments? (Probably actually reply back)

I’ve had a lot of time to think about this situation.
1. The NCAA is overcompensating for the Cam Newton situation.
2. The media despises Ohio State for some reason. Especially ESPN, save for one person.
3. To say that Jim Tressel has a 100% cheating record goes overboard. Lots of people screwed up. He was a small part of that.
4. I hope those players feel HORRIBLE today. If they don’t feel twice as crappy as I’m feeling, they have no heart. Coach Tressel fell on the sword for them.
5. I hope that in the end, this isn’t Tressel’s legacy. He’s done so much more good. He’s a good person who made a big mistake. We all do it. In the words of Miley Cyrus, nobody’s perfect. His record was better than Woody Hayes, who also went out with a bang. Woody isn’t remembered for the bang and I hope Jim isn’t either.
6. Whoever the next coach is, I will be incredibly disappointed if the traditions established for pre-game (the walk to Skull Session) and post-game (the singing of Carmen Ohio) aren’t continued.

In March I commented that I was grieving.
If only I knew what was coming. This pain is so much more.
I know that everyone is going to be okay in the end. Not soon though.

I’ll be wearing my sweater vest, proudly, every game this season.

I’m still a Jim Tressel fan.
I’m still a Buckeye.
Always a Buckeye. Until the very end.

And though it might feel like it, this ain’t it.

Oh come let’s sing Ohio’s praise/And songs to Alma Mater raise/While our hearts rebounding thrill/With joy which death alone can still/Summer’s heat or winter’s cold/The seasons pass the years will roll/Time and change will surely (truly) show/How firm thy friendship … OHIO!

These jolly days of priceless worth/By far the gladdest days on earth/Soon will pass and we not know/How dearly we love Ohio/We should strive to keep thy name/Of fair repute and spotless fame/So in college halls we’ll grow/And love thee better … OHIO!


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