Horrible blogger, I know.

I took an unintended vacation from blogging. It’s amazing how one skip day can cause you never get back to it. I will “go back” and fill in the missing dates for PostAWeek soon.

I do have some news. If you’ve been following my journey for a while now, you know I’ve had a rough year, trying to find a job. In fact, the last skip day was caused by a(nother) “no” for a job that caused a meltdown and trying to figure out what else I wanted to do with my life. Which is hard because PR is what I’ve wanted to do for so long that I couldn’t come up with a backup. I can’t get into nursing because bodily fluid gross me out when they’re my own. I can’t imagine dealing with someone elses. And teaching was out, because sadly, I don’t have the patience for it. And I couldn’t come up with ANY OTHER OPTIONS.

But now, I can see clearly now the rain is gone/there’s a light at the end of the tunnel/I can see land/some other metaphor for “there’s some hope and I can see it now.” I have a job. Well kind of. It’s an unpaid internship. But I get to work from home (I don’t have to get out of my workout clothes. I can be like Heather Armstrong.) and it’s SOMETHING. Which is better than nothing.

In my weeks of exile from the blog, I also discovered I like making scones (and for half a second thought about making that my job). And cooking. And baking other things and for kicks and giggles I just got the Jeni’s At Home book and a new ice cream maker. So I’m thinking about doing a food blog,. Which everyone has, but it’s a place to talk about the stuff I make. I’m deciding on the particulars now and wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up on tumblr instead of wordpress because tumblr is my favorite for mainly pictures. And I have to decide if I want to do a Julie/Julia-style blog with the Jeni’s book or just a general blog. OR just do a food category on here. If you’re reading this and have any opinions, share them! Please!

And on that note, I’ll be back on Friday to reboot PostAWeek. I promise.


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