Write about your earliest memory, or the strongest early memory that comes to mind

There are so many fragments that I don’t quite know where they fall in order. Or if they’re right.

Seeing Beauty and the Beast. I was so excited, but I still had to take a nap. We were at my grandparents house, and I remember taking it in their bedroom rather than upstairs. I don’t actually remember seeing the movie, just this lead up.

Picking out my first dog. I remember going to the house. I’ll never forget that house. I drive past it, and get teary sometimes.

Going to the drive-in. We got to watch the first movie, and then had to sleep for the second one. I remember being awake through Sleepless in Seatle though.

Bringing my Skipper doll to preschool for show-and-tell, and playing with her in the loft.

Trying to force these is really difficult, and seems to make them hide in darker corners of my mind. It’s funny what I remember…they all seem so insignificant. I wish I could remember things like my aunt’s wedding, or my little sister coming home…oh, I remember going to see my baby sister for the first time. My grandparents stopped at the florist first and me and my little sister picked out a little doll for her. Mine was blue, because that was my favorite color. I don’t remember actually seeing her though. Just those dolls…


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