Yer a wizard Harry.

I promise this blog will have less Potter. I think that the last 4 or so entries has referenced Harry in one way or another. I’m not sorry about that though.

Pottermore is this…website. It’s not social media, it’s not a role-play game, it’s not the encyclopedia. It’s an “interactive reading experience.” I don’t know what that means either.

But when the beta tester selections started on July 31, I knew I had to be there. And miraculously, I was. I happened to come home from the bars, where I had been celebrating the birth of my sister (and I totally declared that it was no longer her birthday, but Harry Potter’s at midnight), and get on her computer to find out that tumblr was exploding with shouts of “Pottermore!” I lucked in to it. Even thought I was sober, I was shaking with pure excitement.

I looked like this (not joking, this is my “I’m freaking out here I’m so excited” face to a t):

when the screen changed to this:

So it turns out my childhood isn’t over. Because there’s no way that a 23 year old would get this excited over being told that she’s magical in a fictional universe.


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  1. Indeed our childhood isnt!

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