Brilliant ideas.

What’s the best idea you’ve ever had, that you never did anything about? Is it too late to do something now?

Combination tea-house and yarn store. And all of the advertising is done by me, so my degree gets some use.

Nailed it.

No seriously, I would never have to leave. It’d have yarn; I could bake scones to my hearts content and have as much chai lattes my bladder can handle. It would basically be playing all day long, until I ultimately fail because I have no business plan.

Quite honestly, this idea came up just a few weeks ago. And it’s now probably my “novel”. You know, that one thing that you say you’re going to do but never quite get around to doing it.

So, no it’s not too late. Right now. I will probably push it off until it is though.

Unless if you would like to invest in my store that needs an awesome name. I promise the business plan is better than “yarn+scones+chai=awesomeness”. Well, it can be anyways. I think that’s a good plan right there.

(Look! No Harry Potte…oops.)


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