If procrastination had been my college major, I would have dominated. I am the best procrastinator in all of the land.

Not really a skill you put on your resume though. Even though my procrastination makes me a better worker. I work best with a little pressure. A deadline helps me immensely. And even though I procrastinate like a pro, I still manage to get everything done. On time. Early sometimes too.

There are several ways that I procrastinate. One way is the classic way, the Internet. Facebook was pretty much built for procrastinating, and this new timeline feature is NOT going to help out at all. Hmmm…write this paper OR read everything this person has put on Facebook ever? Tumblr and Pinterest are other time sucks. And Wikipedia as well. You’re reading one person’s entry and suddenly you’re 20 articles in learning about some random animal. Wikipedia time sucks are the most productive Internet procrastination tool, because you’re learning still.

And then there’s television. Netflix and the Internet has made this even more appealing, because there is always something on. Hm…clean the house or start this Rugrats rewatch? Rugrats is always win out. Babies + crazy adventures + pop culture references = a good time, always. And then suddenly you’re eight episodes in and can’t stop watching until this season is done.

Finally, on the days that I’m really procrastinating doing something, I clean the house. This is usually a last resort, and saved for when I want to feel that I am being productive, without actually being productive. This activity often showed up during finals weeks or around midterms. My room/apartment was usually in a state of disarray, and I convinced myself that I would be more productive if I cleaned.

Hopefully these techniques help you become a better procrastinator too!

(Daily Post prompt: What is your favorite way to procrastinate?)


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