Stories about my mother

I hope my kids remember the time that I introduced them to Harry Potter, the same way my mom introduced me to Little House on the Prairie and Little Women and Cherry Ames (all books from her childhood I read once upon a time)
I hope they remember making cookies and dinners with me. How special it was to be able to stir the cookie dough. And the meals we would have on certain occasions.
I hope they remember going to Ohio State games with me and races and whatever sporting events we chose to fans of at the time.
I hope they say, she was a bit overprotective, like Grandma, but it’s all Grandma’s fault. And she did it because she loved us.
She’s a giant dork, but fun. And she didn’t embarrass us too much.

Above all, I want my future hypothetical children, Noah and Arya (yes, my daughter is named for a character in A Song Of Fire and Ice. But Arya is a badass) to say that their mom couldn’t love them anymore. It just isn’t possible.
Because I may not have kids yet, but I already know that when they day comes, it will be impossible to be any happier.

Topic #293: What do you hope your kids will say about you when they’re adults?


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