I’m Back (again)

Remember that time that I was going to blog more…and then it was almost a month later and I hadn’t updated once? Yeah, that is why I don’t have any followers/am never going to make money off of this. (Not that I ever planned on it. I’m disenchanted with most professional bloggers, except maybe Kelle Hampton, the Bloggess and Wil Wheaton. I barely even read my former love Dooce these days.)

Well, the Ravellenic Games are over and I dominated them. I was like the US women swimmers, except for the time that I was more like the US men gymnasts (or maybe Lochte. Was he a disappointment in the pool? I don’t remember what he did, other than talk about peeing and wearing his grill. All topics for another blog post once I finish watching the coverage I have DVR’d. It right now consists of a lot of Royal watching and rewinding to watch Bill and Cathy Cambridge.)

But the big reason is that in a complete whirlwind, I’m employed! The sumer of fun-employment completed just as Zoombezi Bay shut down during the weeks. It was almost like having a summer break. I’ve only been twice now, but it is nice to have a routine that consists of more than workouts and cleaning/cooking. It’s a non-profit and not necessarily what I thought I would be doing, but I’ve liked it so far. The completely terrifying part is Wednesday when the person I’m replacing is gone and I’m kind of on my own. I do feel a little inadequate thinking about that part.

So, for now, a slight break from job hunting. Now it’s for apartment hunting and then another round of job hunting for a supplemental part-time position. If anyone can get me a two-bedroom in the Victorian Village/Italian Village/Grandview areas for under $900/mo, that would be fantastic…

Be back soon (I promise!) with some Olympic thoughts two weeks after the fact. (I miss you Michael Phelps.)


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