Treading Water

Sometimes, I feel like I’m barely keeping my head above water. My life is a hot mess of insecurities.

What if I’m not good at my job.

What if I never find my niche in life.

What if this is it.

What am I doing wrong.

Why do I feel alone.

I think most are things I shouldn’t worry about. But days like today happen where I feel like I didn’t manage to do anything RIGHT at work, and I’m sitting alone watching sappy movies about love gone wrong. I can’t imagine being here for the rest of my life and yet I don’t see nat other alternative.

There are days when I feel so great and wonderful and in a different headspace than I was a year ago. And then there are days when it all comes rushing back. And those days suck. Good thing there’s less and less of them.

In other news – I’m going to see Bon Jovi on Sunday. That’s a day when I wonder what my life is. In a good way.


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