The Ted Mosby Song

Ted Mosby is so much about me personified.

And this song is so much about Ted Mosby in music form.

So basically, if someone were to write a song about me, this would be the song they wrote.

(Probably NSFW. Unless your workplace is pretty lax about the f-word.)

Except, I’m not 29. Or 31. And these two personalities can be me hours apart. (I hope that isn’t a sign of mental issues)

Kate ‘Oates’ Micucci and Riki ‘Garfunkel’ Lindhome play the same woman two years apart – 29 and 31. It sounds a lot cheesier than it is, especially when you know that Garfunkel and Oates are musical comedians. 

But this song, as funny as it is, also hits home with a LOT of people that I know. We have days when we have the optimism of a 29-year-old:

Things unfold when they’re supposed to cause everything happens for a reason. It will happen for me when I’m not looking. He’ll just appear and I’ll just know and he’ll love me forever without any work. Who needs to try when things are meant to be.

and others with the cynicism of a 31-year-old:

There’s nobody left; I’m all alone. You’re such a f–king idiot. You think you’re so special because people tell you that now but that will stop and be replaced with looks of pity.

This song so taps into all of the feelings I’m having now – it’s more a commentary on being a woman in song form that being a ‘joke’.

But then there’s this gem of a line…For all of us that hate the oh-so ‘wise’ words we hear to make us feel better:

When God closes a door he opens a window…

The 31-year-old has the best comeback, one I wish I would have though of first:

You realize that’s a smaller opening. You used to be able to walk out the front door, now you have to climb through some slightly ajar window somewhere possibly falling like 5 stories to your death. That is not an upgrade.


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