O Christmas Tree…

Christmas trees are funny things. Some people like real, some like fake, some don’t like them at all. Colored lights, white lights, tinsel or popcorn. Some only put on ornaments that fit a certain color scheme, others a mismatch of ornaments collected along the years. Some top with Santa, an angel or a star. I’m partial to the fake (can keep them up longer) tree, with colored lights, and minimal garland. (But they have to be Old World Ornaments, something my grandparents used to sell. They’re heirlooms – or could easily become one). And most of all, I love looking at a tree and it telling a story – my story.


And I love my star. I always hated when I was little that we didn’t have one, because in all of the books I read, the family had a star topper. We clearly weren’t doing Christmas right.


I have a Kirsten American Girl doll. And as anyone who read the books, you would know that her family celeberated St. Lucia Day.

The rural custom involved the eldest daughter arising early and wearing her Lucy garb of white robe, red sash, and a wire crown covered with whortleberry-twigs with nine lighted candles fastened in it awakens the family, serving them coffee and St. Lucia Buns, thus ushering in the Christmas season.

My very first ornament I got from my grandparent’s store was a St. Lucia – a reminder of a toy I so beloved as a child.


I’ve been crafting as long as I can remember (well, 1st grade)  – and whether it’s cross-stitch, crochet or knitting, it always seems to involve a thread of some sort!

photo 3-2

When I was four or five, we got our very first Golden Retriever – Tori. And I’ve been in love ever since. Our current dog, Holly Berry (she was born 2 days after Christmas), is my tv-watching buddy.


In 2001, the unexpected happened – I became a fan of auto-racing. NASCAR and Indy Car races occupy 40-some weekends out of the year.


I love to bake – but the simple chocolate chip cookie is the bane of my existence. I am unable to make a good one.



When I was little, on Thanksgiving weekend  we would help my grandparent’s put up their tree. My grandpa would put on the lights (always in his undershirt) and then we would “help” put on the ornaments. I always loved these reflector-style versions…



This year, I conquered my fear and flew for the first time. It’s stupid and silly – but it was a monumental moment. So when I saw this on display, I knew it had to be added to my story.

I love putting up the tree with these ornaments – it gives me a chance to reflect on the past, while preparing for the upcoming New Year. How do you decorate your tree – are there ornaments with meaningful back stories, or are they picked just because they’re pretty (don’t worry, I have many of those!!!)


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