A long time ago…

we used to be friends. But I haven’t heard from you lately at all – “We Used to Be Friends”, Dandy Warhols

Or I used to write in this thing. I think. My last post was probably around the time the last Veronica Mars episode aired.

(Okay, obviously that’s not true. Because if it was that means there was an episode in December and that didn’t happen and I’m sad about that.)

BUTTT, in just a few short days, Marshmallows around the world will be rejoicing. As we have new, official, canon-approved stories. And unlike the Heroes fandom, we asked for it.

Veronica Mars was the bad ass that High-School Jessica wishes she could have been (without all of the drama of best friends dying and other story lines I won’t ruin for the ALL of you who haven’t yet been charmed by Ms. Mars and/or Mr. Echolls. I would normally put a summary here. But in this case – just watch it. I dare you to not like it.). Snarky, clever, quippy, got over the caring what people thought..smart. Unlike a lot of things I love, I don’t remember the first time I met Ms. Mars. I know that I was intreaqued by the smart, non-typical teen drama (even High School Jessica liked to at least pretend to be above those – little did she know that One Tree Hill is the best junk food ever) and couldn’t get enough. And for three short years, we had it all. Mystery, handsome, troubled bad-boys, quips and one liners, and a show that made you think. Year 3 the network thought Veronica was TOO smart and changed the format. Young, naive Jessica, who did not yet know how the industry worked and the pain it was to bring her did not realize that this was the death notice for the show. In one quick fell, my weekly dose of quirk and snark (Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls) were done.

And that was that – we were bound to live in fandom to figure out what happened to our beloved Neptune. (Especially because they left on a cliffhanger believing that maybe year 4 was possible. It wasn’t to be.)

For years, there were rumors, whispers – maybe, just maybe, WB would make a movie. Not a feature, just a movie-of-the-week. No, it was certainly going to be a feature. Nope, never going to happen, stop being delusional idiots. No, we can make it happen. And that was just in MY brain.

And then, last March, there were some mysterious tweets from the creator and star. And then – if we, the fans, could find $2,000,000 in our ash trays and in the couch cushions and our piggy banks and gather it in 30 days, we could get a movie.

It took us four. We used the rest to double that.

When all was said and done, Veronica Mars fans around the world collected $5.7 million to get a thing we dreamed we would never get.

And this week, on Pi day (Hahaha. get it? Veronica is a P.I.)

(I never claimed to be a comedienne), we get that dream. It’s like Christmas and my birthday wrapped into one.

I’ve never been this excited about a movie. The last thing I was this excited about was a book. But that was the end, this is the beginning.

Beginning of more Veronica Mars. Beginning of the set-in-their-ways entertainment industry to realize that the old models are getting to be beyond outdated.

We’ll pay for our movie tickets before the movie is even WRITTEN as long as we love the idea enough.

We’ll contribute our hard-earned money to you so we can be part of the process.We just expect

We may be a small fan base, but don’t underestimate our strength. Make our thing, we’ll pay for it.

I’ve been following this process not only as a fan, but as a person interested in the evolution of the industry (and how the internet shapes it). I can’t wait to see the outcome.

High-School Jessica can’t believe that she lives in a world where SHE’S the snarky one. And Veronica Mars made a triumphant return thanks to the internet.

What a magical world we live in.

(Back to regular scheduled posting: Wednesday/Thursday general posts, and Music  Monday posts(or this probably started as a Music Monday post. See the song up there. I swear I had good intentions. I don’t know how it turned into this discussion of a movie or current event or whatever else my brain managed to tie together. I’ve missed this. I’ve missed you.)


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