Do what you want …

…say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. – Dr. Seuss

Isn’t this the hardest thing to do? Adult, teen, kid – doesn’t matter. There is some awakening we have when we’re young that we aren’t the same as everyone around us. There are differences – and different is bad. Skin color, hair color, familial background, ‘intelligence’, body type, likes, dislikes – and different is bad. There’s a group of cool kids – and we all want nothing more than to be in that group. If we’re not, we change our hair color, clothing style, attitude – anything to get them to like us.

Those that are smart, realize that different is GOOD.

It took me a long time to realize that. I tried to fit into this pre-designed mold of what a girl my age was supposed to be like.

Luckily that didn’t stick long. (It was a dark Fall 2006/Spring 2007. Turns out I HATE drinking like college students do 99.9% of the time and crowded dark bars and random strangers houses are miserable places)

At some point I realized the following things ARE cool. And I’m proud to admit.

I’m a knitter. No, lady at the yarn store, I’m NOT picking up things for my grandma. No, I don’t want to start with a simple scarf (I did that a long time ago. If want to make a simple scarf, I can.) I would like to challenge myself with this insane lace pattern. (I’m a masochist sometimes when it comes to lace/shawls. [See: the adventures of the shipwreck shawl])

Broadway musicals > crappy top 40 music. Even if the show is a crappy jukebox musical. You can’t autotune live.

I am a bit of a nerd. (I said as much on my online dating profile. A guy told me I shouldn’t admit to that. I told him that he shouldn’t be such an asshole and kept it on. It turned out okay for me. [More on that next week]) Also, all of you judgey nerd boys saying I’m in it for the good looking guys – well, I can’t fault you there. Like you didn’t have a picture (or poster) of Slave Leia…I’m also into what I am because of the incredible story telling and characters.

I LOVE auto racing – especially NASCAR. Again, not because of the good looking guys (but Kasey Kahne IS dreamy…). I’m in it because its a chess match at 200 miles an hour and pushing cars and people to their limits. I love the sound of the engines and that race track smell – the smell of gas and burning rubber, and drinking shitty beer because that’s what you do to cool yourself down when it’s 90* outside and it’s August in Michigan.

I’ve never dyed my hair – not even highlights when EVERYONE else had them. (Remember the striped hair of the early 90’s?). I refuse to watch a tv show or movie because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do – which has saved me from many awful episodes of Big Bang Theory. I only watch things I genuinely enjoy – even if that thing is One Tree Hill or Teen Wolf. And if you think I’m running a marathon. HA. Yes, I find myself enjoying an occasional run. A brief jog. 5k max.

The hardest advice I’ve ever received  is to “be yourself.” It took me 20 years to really get it. Thank god I have.

Now, if you excuse me, I have a dance party to attend (the playlist includes the entire NSYNC catalogue, plus random acts you haven’t thought about in years like O-Town, B*Witched and Dream. And this gets fed to my facebook. CLEARLY I don’t care what people think about me…)


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