Red faced

The Office is one of my favorite shows. Ever. But I have a problem when I watch it. It’s like watching a scary movie. I get ungodly uncomfortable and have to look away, cover my eyes, plug my ears. I literally squirm in my seat.

Oh god. This episode. I can’t…

And that’s on TELEVISION.

In real life, I can’t make eye contact with the person embarrassing him/herself. Or talk to them. Sometimes I wander off…and clearly I’m the most uncomfortable one. You would think that I was doing something stupid (well, I am). It’s insane how much embarrassing moments make me uncomfortable. It’s even worse for me when the person being embarrassed doesn’t realize it.  This pertains to real life and fiction – it’s made me walk away from conversations and turn off the TV.

And then there’s when I get embarrassed. Or perceive to be in an embarrassing situation (I’m always going to read into a situation and make it 50% more uncomfortable.)And then I dwell on it. Does anyone else do this?  I had a major foot-in-mouth, incredibly embarrassing moment on Monday that involved technology and not paying attention. I immediately apologized and may be OVERLY nice to this person now, which is just as embarrassing – but I’ve dwelled on it all week. I just start thinking about it and my face gets all red and warm and I chew on my lips and I shift in my seat. (I have a LOT of tells).

And then there’s the time I walked up to a girl thinking she was my friend. It turns out she wasn’t as she informed me (kinda rudely).

It was the first day of kindergarten.

in 1993.

I was 5 years old.

I’m now 26.

The most embarrassing point of this story? It’s the point when I get embarrassed by it 21 years later…

Inspired by: Do you feel uncomfortable when you see someone else being embarrassed? What’s most likely to make you squirm?


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